Mobile Duress Solutions

In Jan 2013 new WHS legislation will come into effect  that will change the way you manage risk in relation to isolated/ remote workers. Regulation 48 says an employer must manage the risks associated with remote or isolated work, including ensuring effective communication with the worker carrying out remote or isolated work.  We believe this must include effective 2 way communication with the isolated worker.

smartlinqWe at Victory Net have researched the various products on the Australian market and we  believe that the SmatlinQ device is the only device on the Australian market that will achieve the desired results to help employers to meet their Worker Health & Safety (WHS) obligations in relation to isolated/ remote workers.

The SmartLinQ Gt-300 is the most powerful personal safety device available which is small in size and lightweight. Combining the latest GPS technology with widely available GSM standards.

The SmartLinQ GT-300 mobile is a GPS location device which is designed for personal security and has an inbuilt emergency button as well as a motion sensor.

Key Features include:

Emergency Button – One push of the emergency button the GT-300 will silently call our control centre who can then listen in as to what is happening and decide to call police or talk to the worker. This unit is capable of 2-way communication with your isolated worker and our control centre. Giving your worker peace of mind.

Track and Trace via GPS  – Using the GPS functionality you can receive the location of your SmartLinQ with an accuracy of up to 5 metres.

GSM Quadband – SmartLinQ is equipped with a Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900. This means that the device works all over the world.

Motion Sensor – SmartLinQ is equipped with a motion sensor, which immediately alerts in case of a ‘man down’ situation.

NSW Master Licence 000107758